Whip Cream & Lies

If you’re not a Bachelor fan then you will not understand my title!

WoW! Time flys. I wrote this post like a week ago and never got to posting – so here it is a week late

March 6th-13th

Monday nights are always busy, but Monday nights are what get me through the day. I always head to Tammy and Ben’s house around 7:00 for games. This week we played Heads Up (which no one had ever played before!!) So glad I could pop all of their Heads up cherries. We played the sound it out version, which is actually harder than you think! They have cards such as garbage disposal, not just animals. It was very comical! We then played the Just for kids game when we were noise making out!

After Heads Up it was time for discussion about that weeks’ service. Before moving to Cali, I had never gone to church groups during the week (except for when I was in high school). I really enjoy extending my learning experience out of church and into group. It really brings everything full circle and it’s great learning about everyone else’s struggles and triumphs all the while growing my relationship with God. Our current series is titled “Confrontingly Human” a series on the Church as one body.


Of course we can’t forget the last part of every Monday night – BACHELOR watch time! We love reading all the tweets while watching it – since we are west coast and watch it late pretty much all the rest of the US has already watched it and tweeted their opinions.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 9.11.16 PM.png

Tuesday night Tammy and I went to Montague to check out a hip hop class. I have been missing dance so much and was so pumped to bust some moves. This dance studio is a drop in studio so you can go and check out one class and not be behind because they teach new combos every week. The song we danced to was jojo’s “too little too late” talk about throw back. The teacher had phenomenal moves. It was just the right challenge; hard, but after repetition I was able to get it. I definitely plan on making a regular appearance on Tuesday nights.

Thursday after school was out, a couple of the teachers had a Lularoe party. I had never been to one before, but I heard they had super comfy leggings so I decided to check it out. I’m sure glad I decided to go. Their leggings are beyond soft and comfy and very affordable! They have a lot of fun and funky patterns. I was a little hesitant at first because I usually just wear solids, but once I tried them on I was sold. I also fell in love with their long cardigans which they call the “Sarah”. I recommend checking out a party if you get the chance!


After the party a couple of us headed to grab some food at Blue Sea. It was happy hour so we ordered a bunch of appetizers. We ordered crispy calamari (to die for!), soft shell crabs (not my fave), oysters (they are only $1 each during HH), yellowtail shooters, and Hamachi jalepeno. I also ordered a pomegranant mimosa. I could have ordered a whole pitcher it was so good. They used real pomegranant in it.

FullSizeRender 10

We then headed to the local college for facials. I had never had a facial done before and so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I really enjoyed it though and definitely plan on doing them more often now!

Friday a group of us met Tammy at her work (Facebook) for happy hour and dinner – EVERYTHING IS FREEEEE. Can’t say no to that! I got their braised pork belly with sweet otatoe puree and strawberry rubarb, chicken taquitos, pasta primavera, and stir fry ramen. It’s a cafeteria style, so you get in line and pick what and how much you want.

After dinner we went to the Oculus room to play some virtual reality. I had played it once a couple weeks ago with Tammy, but some of the guys had never played it before. We discovered this game – bar fight which was absolutely hilarious. The guys got so into it we had to make sure they didn’t punch the computer screen. We had intended on only being there for an hour and then going to a couple movies, but ended up staying there till about 10pm we were having such a good time.


[Pictured my lularoe Sarah and leggings!]

Saturday night we went to Total Wine and more to pick up Palm Breeze’s (Palmie Breezies as Ben called them when he couldn’t remember the name) that I had put on hold earlier that day – after much searching I FINALLY found a place that sold them – only a 30 minute drive away NBD. This store had about everything you could imagine. I didn’t want to leave. Not only did they have every alcohol, but all the cutest wine glasses, openers, etc.



We decided to grab dinner at Blue Line pizza for some deep dish pizza. Tammy and I split the BBQ chicken deep dish. The BBQ chicken was amazing! We had planned on going to a movie this night, but by the time we were done eating it was already 10 (technically 11 with the time change) and we all had to get up early the next day for church so we decided to call it a night.

FullSizeRender 2

Monday was the Bachelor FINALE and so we decided to have a party. Of course it was Corrine themed. We had all the necessities – cheese pasts, cucumber slices, whip cream and lies, champagne, cheese cubes, and the final rose. It was probably the worst season i’ve ever watched, but the company made for a great time every week.


Thats all for now!

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