Status: Hiatus

So it’s been a hot minute since I wrote my last blog. Time sure gets away from you when you’re having fun! Too much has happened in the last few months to break it all down, but i’ll give a short synopsis of the highlights.

The end of April I moved to Prescott, Arizona where I started my second travel assignment working at Mountain Valley Regional Rehabilitation Hospital. I met some amazing people who became not only great friends, but were amazing professionals. While there, I met two other traveling physical therapists who I ended up becoming very close with and doing a lot of site seeing with.

Antelope Canyon

Horseshoe bend


Lake Powell


I was blessed to have amazing friends help me celebrate my birthday right in Phoenix. Angela and Dubas even made the treck down from Nebraska! The weekend consisted of downtown Phoenix, kayaking down the Salt River, Old Town, and a pool party at Talking Stick.

Prescott was a gorgeous city with lots of activities on weekends to entertain. Events included wine festivals, beer festivals, farmer’s markets, kayaking, hiking, and distillery festivals.

In January I started getting false eyelashes put on professionally (oh the life of a girl). I was absolutely in love with them. One day in Arizona I woke up with what was thought to be pink eye. After 3 urgent care trips, pink eye meds, allergy meds and shots, 3 days off work, eyelash removal, eyelash application, and another eyelash removal, I found out that I had acquired an allergic reaction to the glue that they use to put the eyelashes on. Warning: unattractive pictures to show the intensity of the reaction. From top left corner to bottom right corner: Progression of no reaction -> getting worse -> getting better.

Other big events include: Jourdan’s bachelorette party in Vegas, Gingers wedding, wildfire miles from Prescott, visit from Maddie, and trips to Phoenix.


After Arizona, I took some time off to go to my cousin’s bachelorette party in Minnesota where we went tubing down the river, I got to watch my cousin race his car, and we all went to hairball.  I then flew back home to Nebraska with absolutely nothing planned. It was so good to see family and friends and spend quality time with them all. While home I got to celebrate Andrea’s last night of owning the 12th Street Pub, checked out the breweries in Grand Island, visited family in multiple cities,




On my 22+ hour drive from Arizona to Washington I was able to stop and stay with friends on my way up. I stayed with Cally outside of Salt Lake City who her and her husband were great hosts. My next stop was Boise, Idaho where I stayed with a fellow traveling COTA and her son and his wife. They took me around Boise and I absolutely loved the beauty and hidden gems of the city.


Upon moving up to Washington I did not come with a set job. My two roommates had traveling positions locked and I was sure that I would be able to find something in the greater Seattle area. Boy was I wrong. I have had absolutely no luck with traveling or Per Diem work. There are jobs, but over 2 hours commute one way. I have learned a lot about myself over this time. I have learned to be an advocate for myself and for what I truly am looking for in a job at that time (in this instance placement is the most significant piece since I already have an apartment in lock down). Being jobless has really showed me the true meaning of budgeting (which I really never have done too much of before).

Magic Giant Concert


With this extended time off I have had the time to really focus on myself: get good workouts in, meal prep, read, hike, and travel. I just returned from B.C. Canada where I was able to visit my lovely cousin, Dena. Her and her husband have a sailboat docked near Nanaimo. Dena took me around Victoria and we then stayed on their boat which was a new experience for me. Wednesday we went on a boat and went whale watching where we were able to see about 6 killer whales which was pretty neat. It was a quick trip, but we fit a lot in and lots of quality girl chats in as well.

I have been fortunate to have some connections up here which have connected me with families to babysit while waiting for a job to open in my area. Anything is better than sitting around all day. Prayers up for a job opportunity to open up for me!

“Sometimes a detour is just God making sure that you’re ready for where He’s taking you” – Pastor Benny Perez at the Vive Conference