Hello from California! If you are meeting me for the first time, I am Danielle (Dani) DeTour. I am originally from Nebraska (Go Big Red) and just moved to California in the beginning of January 2017. About 6 months ago (wow! Can’t believe it was a half a year ago already!) I was in a really bad accident where my friend and I were on our bikes and were hit by a car. I won’t go into detail about my accident in my bio, but this accident changed my life. In the month of recovery time I had after my accident, I had a lot of time to reflect on life and why this happened to me. I believe that everything happens for a reason. After much searching I realized that this was a sign that I can’t take time for granted because you never know what will happen tomorrow. I then decided to follow my dream of becoming a traveling occupational therapist. I decided to start this blog to reflect on all of my experiences, share the musts and the must nots of cities all over the US, and to keep my friends and family updated on my life. I am beyond grateful for this experience that I am embarking on and can’t wait to share my journeys with everyone. Call me cheesy or punny, but my title “Embrace the Detours” not only is a play on my last name, but is to realize that everything happens for a reason and maybe the “detours” that you are put on are for a reason. Find that reason and build from it. Take something out of every experience; good or bad experience and share your experiences with others!

A little about me

  • I’m not happily married with 4 children, but I am happily single living out my dreams at 25 years young.
  • My favorite people to facetime are my Grandpa and dog, Peyton (Sorry mom and dad).
  • I’m a planner, but I’m always game for a spontaneous trip or concert.
  • I am very outgoing and therefore I have a huge group of friends from all stages of my life.
  • My secret obsession is reality TV. You name it: Teen Mom, Vanderpump Rules, The Bachelor, The Challenge, Are You the One, the list goes on.
  • Family and friends are EVERYTHING. As much as I love traveling, being away from them is the hardest thing and I get a little FOMO seeing their posts and snaps.
  • My guilty pleasures are dancing and karaoke.
  • Die hard Husker fan.