Weekend Girls Trip – Tahoe & TRhett


A few weekends ago, my good friend Tammy and myself planned this awesome weekend trip. Ever since moving to Stockton, CA I wanted to make a trip to Tahoe because I was only 2 hours away! Tammy and I were finally able to find a weekend that worked for us (unfortunately Mackenzie wasn’t able to make it). I had that Friday off and Tammy was able to take it off as well.

We left from Stockton early Friday morning, picked up Panera, and were on our way.

The drive was absolutely gorgeous and we finally decided to pull over at one spot in Pollock Pines which ended up being a perfect backdrop for a little photo shoot.


We even met a couple that had stopped who were from Nebraska. They stopped us when they saw my Nebraska license plate. I love the friendliness of Midwesterners.

We stopped at Tammy’s friends place to drop our stuff off and then found a cute place on Yelp to grab a quick bite, Sprouts Cafe. I got the Santa Fe Burger – toasted whole wheat bun, tempeh burger, beans, melted monterey jack cheese, garlic, avocado, salsa, sprouts, tomato, carrots,  and red onion. Tammy got the Tuna Works sandwich – tuna with nonfat yogurt and monterey jack cheese.

We then headed to South lake to SUP.  On the drive we found this beautiful area filled with yellow autumn trees. We took some turns and found a spot to stop and started our 2nd photo shoot of the trip (yep, we’re basic).



We got to Sand Harbor and did a little walking around while taking pictures – you literally want to take pictures of everything. It’s just that BEAUTIFUL!


We even rock climbed down to an area to get some good shots – it was actually quite the workout. Once we got all the way down we were unsure if we were going to make it back up lol


We found the SUP reservations and rented SUPs for 2 hours.


We found out that this weekend was the last weekend of SUP rentals so we barely made it. Not only that, but it was the most perfect day: glass water with no white caps, lots of sun, and very few people. Perfect combination!


We headed for the car and decided to pull over at another spot for (of course you guessed it) more pictures!


On our way back to the house we were lacking some energy so we stopped at Zephyr Cove Resort on the way to grab some coffee – which ended up turning into me finding the perfect gray floppy hat (and on sale for 50% off). I couldn’t resist.



They also had some amazing sounding cocktail specials that we just had to try as well and we got some fries. I had a Bullet Apple Cider Mule which was delicious and fulfilled all my fall dreams.


We made way for the house to get ready for dinner and for a night hitting the town. We ate at Azul-Latin Kitchen. We got the chips with Pineapple-Jicama Pico which was very unique (a good unique). We each got tacos. I got the DF Street Taco (option of meat -I chose Carnitas pork- lime sour cream, cabbage, jack and cheddar cheeses, house red salsa) and the Classic Fish Taco (Panko battered pacific cod, lime sour cream, cabbage, diced tomato, pickled red onions, cilantro). Tammy got those as well as the Sweet Potato Taco (Chipotle crema, cabbage, black beans, queso fresco, cilantro). The sweet potato was probably my favorite!


Tammy surprisingly had friends that were in Tahoe from Florida so we met up with them for a few drinks and hit up a couple casinos.


We went to one of the clubs there which some of the girls thought it was a Vegas club I think. The bouncers checked our purses and I had to throw out all my gum and ibuprofen before I could enter. What the heck?! Not okay. We didn’t know what to expect, but man oh man it was some great people watching! They had go-go dancers like in the Vegas clubs and there were some girls getting down! The club was pretty empty beings that it is “low season” right now.

The next morning I ran and grabbed us some coffee and breakfast. I went to a place called The Morning After. The coffee was really good! I got an Acai bowl and it was very flavorless. It was also very well decorated with a cute rustic theme. It was surprisingly slow.


The morning we decided to walk around the downtown area and do some shopping. I found a cute Tahoe t-shirt and sticker for my hydroflask. I love just wandering around cute little mountain towns. After some exploring, we decided to jump in the car and get some more sightseeing in before we had to head to Sacramento.

We headed to Emerald Bay State Park and wait for it…wait for it….had another photo shoot!


The yellow and orange fall trees just made for an even more beautiful sight. Tammy has been to Tahoe a few times before, but never in fall and she said the difference is just amazing. We both were so in awe that this is a low season. The colors in Tahoe were unbelievable and pictures don’t even do it justice.


We could have spent allll day here and exploring more, but we had tickets to Thomas Rhett in Sacramento that night so headed back to the house to get ready!

We got into town just in time. Got drinks, some food, and sat in our AWESOME seats (this is no joke). Yes, they were high up, but we had these 4 seats that were sectioned off from all the other seats. No one in front of us. No one behind us. And a huge area in front of us to dance/stand.


The concert was Halloween weekend. Thomas Rhett made an Instagram post that week that it would be Halloween themed and to wear costumes. Unfortunately that did not leave us enough time to plan anything. It was entertaining watching Midland, Brett Young, Thomas Rhett and their bands sing/play in their costumes. Midland was a mixture of costumes, Brett Young and his band were in Minion costumes, and Thomas Rhett and his band were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


We were so exhausted after the concert that we decided to just head home (even though we had planned on going out in Lodi). When we got home my neighbor was having this ragger Halloween party and their music was literally soooo LOUD! I’m not quite sure how no one called the cops on them.

Despite the loud music, we got a good night’s sleep. I made us some Pumpkin Spice shakeology shakes for breakfast and we made our way to the Pumpkin patch in Lathrop (which Becca and Garrett had went to the previous week). A lot of coworkers had really talked it up as well.

The Pumpkin Patch (Dell’Osso Farm) was ginormous. There are so many activities including: Corn maze, pumpkin blasters, plank walking, a haunted castle, a kids zone, a food court, zip lines, Cider hill (Literally a bar on top of a hill), pony rides, gem mining, pumpkin painting, pop up shops, hay rides (which in Nebraska we call “Hayrack rides”, but according to their website it’s “Hay rides”), lawn games, tire play area, goat walk, duck races, pig races, express train, Scarecrow ride, Dell’Osso speedway, animal zoo, ball shoot arena, super slide, spinning pumpkins, pillow jumping, and entertainment. Holy cow that’s a lot!


Of course we found the TV to watch the Seahawks game.


And of course a pumpkin patch!


After the farm we decided to check out this boutique we found in Stockton (Blackbird Boutique) which was super cute and of course didn’t leave empty handed.

Our last stop for the weekend was an ice cream shop, House of Ice Cream. I randomly stumbled on it a few weeks prior when I was trying to find a place to get ice cream. When I saw the pictures on instagram I knew that Tammy and I needed to go together.

Tammy and I went for the Crazy Shake of course which is a creamy, thick milkshake served in a glass mason jar (which you get to keep) topped with a scoop of ice cream, a glazed old fashioned donut and any topping of your choice.  We tried (most) of the ice cream flavors. They had ones as crazy as hot cheeto, butter brittle, horchata, chocolate chip cookie dough, maple bacon french toast, circus animal cookie, peanut butter and jelly, cotton candy, cookie monster, vietnamese coffee, mint monster, red velvet, birthday cake, banana pudding, blueberry poptart, smore’s, thai tea, pumpkin spice, caramel apple, strawberry cheesecake, captain crunch berry, etc. We went with the strawberry cheesecake and cookie monster (which is chocolate chip and oreo cookies) with fruity pebbles for our topping. It was sooo much ice cream. We couldn’t even finish it.


Check them out on Instagram @houseoficecream_

This was seriously one of my favorite weekends of all time! If you get the chance, make a trip to Tahoe. I am not a fan of the cold, but I could totally live in this cute, beautiful little mountain city!

Los Angeles Part I

Where do I even begin on my adventures in California?! I decided to share my adventures in LA first because it has been my favorite trip so far. I’m splitting it into two posts because we stuffed so many activities into a few short days.

Ever since I moved here in the beginning of January, I have been trying to see everything that I can before I move in mid April. A couple of weeks ago 2 friends of mine (Tammy and Mackenzie who I met through VIVE church here) were talking about how we wanted to visit LA. Spur of the moment, we made plans and got an AirBNB for a week later. Tammy lived in Orange County for about 5 years and is very familiar with LA so she was excited to plan all the awesome spots to take us to see. So on Feb 17th we packed Mackenzie’s car full and do I mean full! We all had at least 2 suitcases for only a 4 day weekend and Mack had a whole suitcase just for shoes! 😛

The drive of course could not go without a little excitement. Mack’s low tire pressure light came on so we pulled over to check it. 3 girls checking the tire pressure and filling the tires with air is a show in itself I’m sure. Tammy went into the gas station quick and all of a sudden Mack screams “OMG. I JUST SAW A PEACOCK”. I thought she was crazy. She pulls her car around and sure enough a dang peacock was chilling at the gas station. Mack gets her pictures and videos of the peacock just in time for Tammy to think we had bailed on her. Back on the road we got after all the excitement! After another few hours we finally made it to Beverly Hills to our AirBNB which happened to only be a block from Rodeo Drive! Once settled into our place we got ready to head to Saddle Ranch.


Saddle Ranch was pretty chill and we grabbed a table so we could get a few appetizers since we hadn’t eaten dinner. We got a jalepeno macaroni and cheese and this ginormous cotton candy. We got two (one for Mack riding the mechanical bull). After spending time at Saddle Ranch we decided to head down to Hyde Sunset Kitchen and Cocktails after recommendations from people at Saddle Ranch.


We arrive at Hyde and the bouncer asks us who we know. We all look at each other with blank stares and say that we have never been here before. The bouncer replies “Okay. Go on in.” and didn’t even check our IDs. We walk in and all of our eyes light up at the same time. This place was amazing! We go up to the bar to order drinks and Mack is freaking out “look to your right. OMG. Look at the bar to your right.” So Tammy and I turn our gaze and sure enough there is Amanda Stanton and Josh canoodling and ordering drinks together (for all my non-bachelor fans this couple had been broken up and there was no news of them being back together yet).

We grab our drinks and head to the dance floor only to realize we are standing next to the VIP table filled with bachelor contestants: Luke Pell, Chase McNary, Lace Morris, Jasmine G., and Christian Bishop. Apparently they were all in LA for a recording of Bachelor Family Feud. In case you were all wondering because I know you are – Yes, Chase is just as cute in person! We were fan girling hard the whole night. We didn’t ask anyone to take pictures because we were trying to act cool – so you’ll just have to take our word for it! We also spotted Aubrey O’day from Making the band and Danity Kane and DeAndre Hopkins who plays for the Texans.

I would say our first night was a success – Oh wait. Don’t speak too soon. So we take an Uber home and walk up to our apartment and the door to the entrance is locked. The entrance doors were always supposed to be unlocked our host had told us. So we try our room key. It doesn’t work. We try the extra room key. It doesn’t work. We freak our for about another minute until I take another look inside and realize it wasn’t our apartment complex. We were one complex over! So we hop over to our actual apartment and the door WAS unlocked! Close call! Lights out for these girls!


We wake up Saturday morning and get ready for the day. Our first stop is Urth Café which was packed. Apparently a lot of actors/actresses like to eat here as well. It was a little misty out, but sat outside under an umbrella and enjoyed our delicious brunch and coffees. I tried Tammy’s Matcha Latte for the first time and it was absolutely wonderful! They have awesome options for those of you who are vegetarian. I tried the Mexican Omelet which was served with baked bread and a mixed green salad which was to die for. Tammy had The Rustic Poached and Mackenzie tried the Salmon Scramble. To say the least all of the food was delicious.

We then walked around Rodeo Drive and checked out some shops and hotels. Not sure who designs the retail for these stores or who actually buys it, but the merchandise was ridiculously awful and expensive (well not my taste at least). It was cool to check out the stores though. We had fun walking through the fancy hotels and pretending like we were actually staying there. We also stopped at Kyle’s store (from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills). There was some cute clothing in there, but wayyy out of this girl’s price range!



We then hoped in the car with our tour guide, Tammy and headed to see The Prince of Bel Air’s house and then headed to the Hollywood sign where we took a ridiculous amount of pictures and boomerangs (we aren’t tourists at all).


Our last stop for the day was the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I had heard my Celeb crush, Adam Levine, had just gotten his Hollywood star earlier that week and so of course I had to get a picture with it! They were actually setting up for the Oscars while we were down there which were the following weekend – too bad we couldn’t have a come a week later!


Although we were exhausted we still had a long night ahead of us so we headed home to get ready. We originally had planned on doing dinner at this cute little place called The Bungalow, but realized by the time we got ready and waited for a table and for dinner that we would have used up a lot of the night, so instead we just headed straight for SUR! For those of you who don’t know what SUR is, it’s Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant which is the focus of the show Vanderpump Rules. We were hopeful that we would see some of the bartenders/waitresses from the show. Although we didn’t see any of the bartenders/waitresses we did see the manager Peter, Lisa, Giggy, Ken, and Guillermo. They were all super nice and friendly!


We had tried to make reservations at SUR before our trip, but it was completely booked so we decided just to go for drinks and appetizers.


A group of married couples let us sit with them so that we could order appetizers. We ordered the goat cheese balls (yes, they are as amazing as everyone says they are on the show), ahi tuna, and sliders. I also tried their jalepeno margarita and they were amazing as well! Not too spicy, but not too sweet. The prices are decently priced which we were not mad about!

After we had our share of SUR we decided to head to The Abby which is a gay nightclub. Everyone said that it is a good dance club and a lot of fun. We headed straight for the dance floor once we got to The Abby and danced our booties off. We had so much fun! The night was not done yet. We then headed to Avalon which felt just like a club straight out of Vegas. We got there around 1:30 and it was still packed. It stays open until 7AM! They stop serving alcohol at 2 and then start serving again at 4. (No mom, we did not stay there until 7!)



We were all a little hungry after the bars since we had only eaten small appetizers so we headed to Mel’s Drive In. I ordered a Patty melt and sweet potato fries which I dominated and might have stolen most of Mackenzie’s strawberry milkshake 😛 After indulging in a late night meal we went home and found the right apartment complex this time!

Stay tuned for my next post about the rest of our trip! 🙂