Today’s Top Things

So my dear friend Mackenzie does “Friday Faves” where she posts some of her favorite things on her blog. I absolutely love this because I’ve discovered so many great things from it. I think more people need to share their favorite, go-to items, because we all gotta help a sister (or brother) out. I’ve also discovered so many great items from people’s insta posts, for example my absolute FAVORITE pair of jeans! So here we go:


  1. Since it’s now winter and the weather is getting colder this is the perfect Top Tuesday item: Vanilla Bean Macaron Tazo tea– A black tea confection with notes of fragrant vanilla and a dash of cinnamon. The ingredients are: black tea, natural flavours, chicory root, cocoa peel, licorice root, roasted verba mate, cinnamon, and cardamom. I’ve tried a lot of different teas and most times they taste nothing like what their name is. This tea is absolutely delish! It’s actually part of Tazo’s Dessert Delights Collection. There are two others that I am anxious to try: Butterscotch Blondie and Glazed Lemon Loaf. I’m specifically excited for the lemon one, because lemon is my favorite dessert (speaking of currently I just ate a lemon bundt cake 😛 ).


2.  The second “thing” on my list today is Becca Tilley’s podcast “Scrubbing in with Becca Tilley”. I’ve been totally obsessed with it lately and have binged it. Mackenzie recommended it to me and I’m so thankful. It’s such a relatable podcast and Becca and Tilley are absolutely hilarious. I find myself laughing out loud every episode. They answer people’s questions and give them advice. They have guests on the podcast who help give advice and talk about their lives. My favorite so far was Jana Kramer. I’m still only on episode 26/60. Each episode is about one hour to an hour and a half. I recently have been listening to the podcast on my drive to work in the morning. One of my favorite topics was “do guys screenshot their text messages with girls and ask their guy friends what to say”. Becca and Tanya called a couple of their guy friends to get their opinions and it was so funny, yet so educational! lol


3.  It’s a 10! leave in conditioner is a staple in my bathroom! My hair is an absolute wreck to brush through even after deeply conditioning it in the shower. Not ONLY does this serve as a detangler, it does 9 other amazing things. I used to buy multiple hair products, but now I only have to buy one product. Here’s the 10 things that it does: 1. Repairs dry, damaged hair 2. Adds shine 3. Detangles 4. Controls frizz 5. Seals and protects hair color 6. Prevents split ends 7.Stops hair breakage 8. Creates silkiness 9. Enhances natural body 10. Flat iron spray and thermal protection. AND it smells so good!


4. I have never been a person that sleeps well in cars or on planes..until I bought a Cabeau travel pillow. It literally changed my travel game! It is a plush memory foam so it’s supportive, yet comfortable. It shrinks to 1/4th of the size (so it doesn’t take up your entire carry on) and comes with a bag to store it in. The cover comes off so that you can wash all your makeup off of it. It has an adjustable front strap so that the pillow stays snug around your neck. It seriously is the best $40 I’ve spent ($80 to be technical. Of course someone jacked my pillow at the airport one time). I now am well rested for all my trips and don’t have to worry about restless flights.



5. I’ve always been a PopSocket girl, but recently changed my ways after my aunt introduced me to a different version that I wasn’t sure about at first. She had a ring that turned 360, Case-Mate Smartphone Ring dotted – Rose Gold. I tested it out on her phone and ended up loving it. Now there are a lot of different rings, but this is the one that she had and then I in turn bought it as well and love the rose gold color. It is so sleek and works so so well for selfies and to prop your phone up to watch movies. I don’t know why, but I love it so much more than the PopSocket. Check it out!


Hope you enjoyed some of my favorite things!

‘Tis the Season

Here’s my first blog post! I’ve been working on one about my trip to LA, but that one is taking me awhile because of all our adventures in the short time we were there so I decided to write a little reflection post first.

With Lent right around the cor….oh wait. It’s here. Yesterday as I was working out at the gym I was contemplating what I was going to give up so here’s what I came up with.

  1. I am going to go to the gym at least 5 days a week. Ever since my accident it has been hard to get back on the workout train. Prior to my accident I was going regularly; lifting and running. I want to get back into that habit and starting a habit is the hardest part of the battle. I am determined to get back to where I was over 6 months ago. I am planning on going to the gym in the morning so that I can get it out of my way and have the evening to adventure, hike, or just to have time to myself. Shout out to my mom for agreeing to call me in the morning, 4:30 my time; 6:30 her time, to make sure that I get up and go to the gym! What would we do without moms?
  2. I am going to read at least 1 “fun” book. I love reading for fun, but rarely do so. On the trek out here I was able to read, because my dad did a lot of the driving (You the real MVP). I think reading is not only good for the soul, but also for the mind. I also think this will help me decrease the amount of time I spend watching Netflix and my Roku at night because let’s be real it’s a ridiculous amount of time.
  3. Sweets only one day of the week. Let’s be honest. I have a HUGE sweet tooth and have a difficult time turning down a good dessert (as you will note later in this post). By limiting myself to only having one day a week that I can have sweets, I’m hoping to increase my self-control and save my “cheat” day for something that I really want.
  4. Improve my prayer life. After moving to Cali, I became a lot closer to God and also started attending Church on a regular basis. Prayer not only is a time to ask God to help with the problems in your life, but also to thank him for the good things and to grow in your relationship with God. I want to continue growing my relationship with God by not only praying more frequently, but praying with more intent.


On another note – this last weekend was a much needed chill weekend (not that I didn’t have plenty of time to chill on my week winter break I just had as well). Saturday night Tammy and Ben took me to my first Golden State Warriors game. It was so much fun! We went to Drake’s Brewing Company to grab a few drinks and dinner before the game. The atmosphere was neat and rustic. I tried their Demon Duck of Doom, a Saison, which was pretty good. For dinner I ordered their Porkbelly Sandwhich which had a hoison mayo, napa cabbage slaw, onion, and pickled zucchini. It was delicious! They have different choices of fries and I chose their spicy fries – probably won’t order them again and wished I would have went with the garlic fries instead.


The atmosphere at the game was unbelievable. I now know why they call it the (R)oracle. Unfortunately, Durante wasn’t playing because of a bruised hand (come on it can’t be that bad, right?) Stephen and Klay (or should I say the Splash brothers) did not disappoint. They were sinking shots left and right. Although the Nets kept up surprisingly well, the warriors pulled through and won it.

Sunday I went to the 9:30 service at VIVE and the message was great. “Our God is an Awesome God” was one of the opening praise songs which was by far my favorite song that we sang in youth choir growing up. The message was about how God works in seasons for example you could be in a “single” season or a “stressful” season and how God is working in our seasons and that he will bring the right thing at the right time. Sometimes our “season” can feel stagnant, but it is actually when God is positioning us for what is coming. God makes something useful out of our “useless” seasons. You can check out the whole message on podcast “A Season of Suddenly” VIVE CHURCH with Adam Smallcombe.

After church Tammy, Ben, and myself went to Aquis for brunch (which none of us knew they actually served brunch food). I ordered their Monterey Scramble – organic polenta, sweet potato, edamame and cheese enchiladas with scrambled eggs, tomato-basil sauce, roasted corn organic brown rice, avocado, corn-jicama salsa and feta cheese – AMAZING! Tammy and Ben ordered a brunch special which they both loved. Ben also ordered their flourless chocolate cake which of course we all shared and I may have eaten more than my share 😛 We walked around Willow Glen and checked out some stores and then the rest of my Sunday was “mental prepare for going back to work” mode after a 9 day break.


Monday was an easy first day back after 9 days. After work I met up with one of my best friends from high school, Caleb Northrup, who was in town for work. We went to Sino which is a family style dim sum & Chinese-inspired restaurant. Two of Caleb’s coworker’s were with us and we ordered wayyyy too much food. After dinner Caleb and I went for drinks at Straights which we later found out is a sister bar to Sino. I would recommend both of these places to anyone – great food, drinks, and atmosphere. Catching up with Caleb was so much fun and I didn’t want the night to end. Unfortunately some of us had to work the next day.

Welllll I hope you all enjoyed my first post – no judgements. I’m doing this out of pure fun, for a little therapeutic release, and for family and friends to keep up. Happy Hump day!